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Technical Repairing Services is well known for washing machine repair in Dubai. If you are looking for washing machine repair in Dubai, then Technical Repairing Services is your best choice. Because, our motive is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers. Our company is existing on ground and holding a valid UAE license.

Hence, we are offering Washing Machine Repair in Dubai with 6 Month warranty.

Always using a genuine parts if replacement is required, and we will make sure that, the same problem not occur again, and this is makes us different from others.

we focus on quality not quantity.

Whether it’s your Fully Automatic Washing Machines, Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, Top Loading Washing Machines, Front Loading Washing Machines, Compact Washing Machines, or a Combination Units that needs repair in Dubai.

You will find our experts changing your appliances from bad to the perfect machine. Therefore, we have a team of professionals. So, let us be your leading technical service provider in Dubai.

If same problem comes again then we are changing the parts OR Repair Washing Machine Free.

COVID-19 laundry Dubai

Coronavirus: How risky is it to use an external laundry during COVID-19?

Heat and detergents kill the virus, the only issue is how it's handled afterwards

Private laundry is Best option to spreading Novel Corona Virus COVID-19.

One of the leading newspapers in Dubai also endorse to avoid public laundries.

Expert said, commercial laundries may inactivate the Corona Virus COVID-19 while using detergents at a high temperature but the way of handling and involve number of hands till packaging is the real threat. Learn more 

Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

When you need new equipment installation, maintenance or repair, you can get technical repair services. Because, our team of washing machine technicians has professional ability to install, maintain and repair all kinds of washing machine repair in Dubai and if you are looking to repair washing machine in Dubai, call our expert.

Below are some of the major washing machine repair brands in Dubai and you can find the following to reach us.

  • TEKA Washing Machine Repair Dubai
  • Ariston Washing Machine Repair Dubai
  • Bosch washing machine repair Dubai
  • Samsung Washing Machine Repair Dubai
  • Maytag Washing Machine Repair Dubai
  • Siemens Washing Machine Repair Dubai
  • Whirlpool washing machine repair Dubai
  • Zanussi Washing Machine Repair Dubai.

Washing Machine Home Service Repair

We understand that a washing machine is expensive, and its maintenance can save your money usually. Technical Repairing Services is known for washing machine home service repair in Dubai. However, the same is the case for home service refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair and cooking range repair. Our professionals are always near to your location, access the problem and fix it on side.

We are the best in home appliance repair services in Dubai and from washing machine repair in Dubai to gas and electric burner repairing, fixing, and installation – our experience and knowledge is wide. Finally, give us a CALL Today and talk to us for assistance.

Washing Machine repair in Dubai
Washing Machine repair in Dubai

Washing Machine Technician in Dubai

If It Doesn’t, We Fix It

We know your asset is very expensive and its need a care and you love it also, so call respective company’s representative and get a free repair, if your washing Machine Repair in Dubai is under warranty.

Washing Machine warranty expired:

If your Washing Machine warranty is void or expired already then call us. We will take care and repair more than on 10 to 15% discounted rate compare to company charges.

The reason of less charge’s is doesn’t mean that our technicians are less competitive or less knowledge. They have more experience and capable for all Brands of Washing Machine Repair in Dubai.

Let us Help

We have successfully repaired home appliances for more than 100,000 households in Dubai. Our professionals repair all brands of home appliances and come with general experience of all these services. Therefore, our technicians are the best for home appliance repair services in Dubai.

We are ready to book your appointment and assist you 24/7. So, don't wait for the situation to get worse, pick up your phone and contact Technical Repairing Services. We will be happy to help you!

Here are the home appliance repair and maintenance services we are providing:
– Washing machine repair, maintenance service, and fixing.
– Dishwasher repair, maintenance service, and fixing.
– Gas and electrical burner repair, maintenance service, and fixing.
– Electrical Maintenance Services, maintenance service, and fixing.

– All kind of home appliance repair, maintenance service, and fixing.

Technical Repairing Services, always happy to answer most frequently ask question.


let us make things right for you!

Washing Machine repair in Dubai
Washing Machine repair in Dubai
Question: lg Washing machine drum not moving/ lg washing machine motor not running?

Answer: It’s drum butterfly has been broken.

Question: Washing machine not spinning and still water is in?

Answer: Check drain motor or drain line is blocked and some washing machine like Siemens they give error E5 on same problem.

Question: whirlpool 6th sense washing machine troubleshooting?

Answer: Will be post soon.

Question: Whirlpool Washing Machine error E5 or F6?

Answer: It’s main motor problem or  it’s leaking bottom under sensor side or might be

it’s sensor issues.

Question: Siemens front load automatic machine error E43?

Answer: either main motor is not working or pcb (motherboard) problem.

Question: LG Direct drive 6kg 6 MOTION automatic washing machine error PE?

Answer: either it’s pcb problem or water level problem.

Question : LG Front Load , 7 Kg, 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing machine is taking water 2 to 5 minutes then drain the water and error comes all lights blinking ?

Answer : it’s seems like the heater sensor or wiring issues.

Repairing time:

We can fix this problem at your home or if its need to take the washing machine to our work shop then same day will try to deliver with care after repair.

Question : LG/ Samsung washing machine won’t take water.

Answer: Make sure the door is properly closed, check that water line are clear and the water supply is connected and functioning.

If all these things are in order and your washing machine still not taking water then call us, we are available for you 24/7.

Repairing time is 30 minutes at your doorstep.

Question :lg washing machine noise when draining.

Answer: You have to check the drain filter and make sure that’s clear. A noisy washing machine may also indicate bearing problem try moving the drum by hand when washing machine is empty.

If you hear a rumbling noise or can feel ‘play’ in the drum, it’s likely that, the bearing need to be change or drum butterfly.

Repairing time:

We will take the washing machine to our work shop and repair in one day.

Question: LG washing machine water is not draining.

Answer: This usually means there’s a blockage in the drain line , or the pump has stop functioning.

Repairing time is an hour at your doorstep.

Question: LG / Samsung / Whirlpool / AEG / Siemens / Brandt Washing Machine the door won’t open.

Answer: This is usually happen due to the water is not draining, broken door lock handle or Panel circuit board malfunctioning.   

Repairing time is an hour at your home.

Why Choose Technical Repairing Services & Fixing

Best Price

We are providing home appliance repair & services in Dubai. Our prices are not only cheap with other companies in Dubai but are reasonable and planned according to your comfort. Our customers are more important and as such we guarantee to provide you with a friendly and professional service from start to finish.

We are the one in Dubai who is giving 3-month warranty of parts replacement.

In case same problem come again in your appliances then we will immediately replace the faulty part free of cost.

Technical Repairing Services believe to build the relation with their customers and proud to serve you better!

That's why we claim no one can give you the Best Price except Technical Repairing Services.

same day washing Machine delivery
Same Day Service

We understand your needs. We understand how a day without your home appliances can be in Dubai.

So, we are offering our services in all areas of Dubai and our maximum try to repair and service the washing machine at customer doorstep.

Sometimes it's very difficult to repair a Washing Machine on site so, we take it the appliance very carefully with your approval and fix it at workshop. Although, its time taking job, but we make possible to deliver the Washing Machine in same day with care.

Experienced Professionals in washing machine dryer fridge
Experienced Professionals

Our highly experienced team is our confidence. This promises us for fulfill all your simple to complex requirements in to cover all your home appliance repair and maintenance service. Moreover, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair and service, dryers, electric burner, and all home appliance issue have been our longest standing services and have delivered perfect results through customer satisfaction and awareness.

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