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Fridge Repair Dubai

Fridge Repair in Dubai

If you are looking for fridge repair Dubai or fridge technician near me, then you have reach to right place. Where you can get an affordable fridge repairing solution on all these possible problems.

    • Water Leakage from the Fridge>
    • Freezing of food Problems in Refrigerator
    • Light not working
    • Noisy refrigerator
    • Problems in Refrigerator – Fridge not Defrosting
    • Fridge not cooling
    • Fridge compressor is not running

The above listed problems can occur any time because we are living in machine world. Sometime machine needs rest if service is not schedule on time. For those small issues or any other problem, nothing to worry. Only call our fridge technician in Dubai. They will help you out.

Our fridge Technician team is competent, professional, and well known in Dubai market.

Before starting the booking, we propose you to view our google profile and get an idea about our past services and customer's rating.

You will be confident while booking our services and you will definitely call us with confidence.

Because we realize that your appliances are expensive, and it can be a big problem if repair by amateur.

So, don't compromise on professional service because it can be a big problem from small.

Fridge Technician Near Me

Fridge Technician Near Me

Sometimes you are hurry and worry to find the fridge technician near me immediately. In that case you might have engaged yourself with nonprofessional guy and get in big problem.
Nothing to worry because the technical repairing services are providing their service in all over Dubai. our technician are away on a call.



Fridge Repair Contract Dubai
Fridge Repair Contract Dubai

Annual Service Contact

Avoid to any surprise and sign a service contract agreement, we are offering Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for domestics and commercial use appliances. like Fridge, Refrigerator, AC, Washing Machine, Dryer, swimming pool repair & cleaning service or any large home appliances.

The AMC is fully customized according to the customer needs and our fridge repairing charges are affordable for all.

Technical Repairing Services offering attractive package because to save the repairing cost and keep running your

Fridge, Refrigerator, or freezer in hot summer in Dubai.

Finally, give us a CALL Today and talk to us for assistance.

Question: How much does it cost for a fridge repair?

Answer: Fridge Repair Cost in Dubai:
The average fridge repair costs AED200 to AED350. Domestic customer might pay as low as AED150, but some repairs would cost up to AED3,000. Charges depend on what needs to repair and where you are living in Dubai. We will suggest you give a call to our fridge technician and get an idea.

Question: How much the cost to fix a Fridge or freezer that isn't cooling?

Answer: cost to fix a Fridge or freezer:
Some repairs that are generally usable that cleaning a dirty coil, open the drainpipe or change faulty parts like thermostat. A fridge that will not stay cold because of a device that regulates temperature when it reaches a certain point. or a dirty coil. The cost of these problems is around AED200 to AED300 and finish with an hour.

Question: What is wrong with fridge not cooling?

Answer: fridge not cooling
Most of the time you have shifted to your new home and forget to plug in the fridge switch ON. If the fridge switch is on then, make sure back of the freezer compartment isn't blocked by the boxes of ice cream or veg.

Why Choose Technical Repairing Services & Fixing

Best Price

We Technical Repairing Services are providing all major appliance repair & services in Dubai. Our charges are always reasonable if you compare with other companies in Dubai. Our customers are more important and as such we guarantee to provide you with a friendly and professional service from start to finish.

Technical Repairing Services who are the one giving 6-month warranty in case any part replaced.

If again same problem occurred in your fridge, freezer, or any cooling appliances then we’ll replace the faulty part free of cost and only the labor charge.
We trust to build the relation with our customers and always try to serve you better!

That's why we guaranty you that no one can give you the Best Price except Technical Repairing Services.

same day washing Machine delivery
Same Day Service

We understand your needs and we understand how a day without your Fridge, Freezer or home appliances can be in Dubai.

So, we are offering our services in all areas of Dubai and our maximum try to repair and service the Fridge at customer doorstep.
Most of the customer looking a Same day service for Fridge repair in Dubai, and
sometimes it's very difficult to repair a Fridge on site so, we take it very carefully with your approval and fix it at workshop. Although, its time taking job, but we make possible to deliver the Fridge in same day with care.

Experienced Professionals in washing machine dryer fridge
Experienced Professionals

Our highly professional team is our confidence. This promises us for fulfill all your simple to complex requirements in to cover all fridge & freezer repair and maintenance service. Moreover, Fridge and Freezer Repair and all type of major home appliances issue have been our longest standing services and have delivered perfect results through customer satisfaction and awareness.

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