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Building cleaning is just one of the major services that Technical Repairing Services are specializes in. Whether you need the services for an individual office or an entire building of a corporation, and apartments and villa’s, our diverse methodologies of cleaning are based on variety of chemicals that help us achieve highest standards of professional cleanliness.

Cleaning services
Planning Your Scheme

We provide best apartment and villa cleaning services in Dubai, UAE and our team is one of the most professionally and experienced cleaning experts in Dubai. The work offered by us varies from maintaining a clean working environment to cleaning floors, kitchenettes and desk cleaning, and deep cleaning service of areas and places that can be scrubbed, washed, and polished.

We bring this experience with the latest technologies and procedures to your home. Let Seven Star Technical Services assist you with the best possible solutions. Our staff are trained to the highest safety standards in the region.

Our experts will come to you home to inspect, discuss, and plan the procedure according to your requirements. Finally, the quote will be provided and the staff will get busy with cleaning the place. The end result will be a healthy environment for you and your family, so that you can enjoy living like you want to.

Simply put, we care about your needs and our commitment for keeping you satisfied shows in our work, and in our people.

If It Doesn’t, We Fix It

Allow your Home to Breathe

Let US Help

At Seven Star Technical Services, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards in providing apartment and villa cleaning services, that are customized and understood plans designed according to your needs. We believe in delivering the best, since good enough is not the standard we have. We strictly abide to our rules and regulations and follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction.

A professional cleaning service like ours, along with a plumbing services and others, you have advantages. Starting with a clean home, and then peace of mind. Since, Seven Star has provided value added services all over Dubai, the years of experience give the security and confidence of us being trustworthy as well.

Hiring us is as simple as calling out to a friend; Contact US and our friendly customer support will take care of the concerns. You are guaranteed to see your job get done in the shortest possible time. Some of the areas our cleaning services cover include.

  • Vacuuming floors, tiles, rugs
  • Mopping floors and bathroom areas
  • Disinfecting kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces
  • Clean internal windows
    Getting it Right!!!
Cleaning floor
Best Price

We provide villa and apartment cleaning services in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman. Our prices are not only competitive with other companies in UAE, but are affordable and planned according to your comfort. Our customers are our biggest priority and as such we guarantee to provide you with a friendly and professional service from start to finish.

same day washing Machine delivery
Same Day Service

We understand your needs. We understand how a day without a clean home can be in UAE. Thus, we provide lighting fast services for all your home cleaning needs and become available to your ‘Same Day Service Call’. It is our outmost priority to make sure your requirements are met as soon as possible. Seven Star Cleaning Services are exhibitions of our commitment towards you.

Experienced Professionals in washing machine dryer fridge
Experienced Professionals

Our highly experienced team is our confidence. This assures us for meeting all your simple to complex requirements and to cover all your villa and apartment cleaning service requirements professionally. Vacuuming floors, tiles, rugs, mopping floors and bathroom areas, disinfecting kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces, and other home cleaning concerns have been our longest standing services and have delivered impeccable results through customer reliability and responsiveness.

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